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Business Continuation

What will happen to your business at your death? Will your heirs need to sell the business to obtain cash to pay estate taxes and liabilities? Will your heirs and surviving owners work together harmoniously? Life insurance may provide the liquidity you need for a smooth, economical transition.

Key Employee Coverage

Employees are an integral part of a business’ success. Unexpected death or disability of a key employee can be very financially disruptive to your business. Life insurance may be an option to make sure you have the liquidity necessary to maintain the integrity of your business operation.

Loan Indemnification

Companies depend on the financial support of banks and other lenders to grow and operate their businesses. Most lenders will require that life or disability insurance be collaterally assigned to cover their risks. We offer a wide variety of coverage to satisfy all lenders.

Buy-Sell Agreements

A buy-sell agreement is an essential business-planning tool for most business partnerships. A properly funded and drafted buy-sell agreement can provide departing owners a fair price for an asset that might otherwise be hard to sell. We offer life and disability insurance to fund these agreements.

Employee Benefits

A well designed employee benefits package is an essential part of a successful business. Whether it's having an attractive retirement plan, group life or disability insurance, we can help you find solutions.

Key Employee Incentives

Fringe benefits involving life insurance, such as Split Dollar, Executive Bonus, and Deferred Compensation, allow you as a business owner to design specialized benefits for your top people.

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